The collection represents a bank of rare living material, both for the scientific work and for the application sphere.

Offering plants to the research institutes
– plants or their parts are offered for research purposes
– it is necessary to agree on specific conditions regarding the material supply; the time it takes until we deliver the plants depends on the type and the required amount of the plant
– the price list may be downloaded here (if the plants are sent by post, we charge for the shipping and package)

Plant records
– we keep an up-to-date database of the grown plants and the gene bank
we open the database of the grown plants to the experts
labelling the plants in the Collection

Index seminum
– collection and records of seeds
– exchange of seeds among botanical gardens
– providing plants for the research

Grant projects
TAČR Epsilon – Methodology of ex situ conservation of endangered plant species
Preservation of vanished cultures or critically endangered plant species of Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area
Optimization of utilization of biological material collections of the research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences

– publications can be found here