The Collection of aquatic and wetland plants is a specialized set of more than 700 species of plants originally from Central European wetlands.

The collection was being put together gradually since 1976 for scientific purposes in the first place. Today, the collection has a character of a small specialized botanical garden open to students and public. The collection is a member of  The Union of Botanical Gardens of the Czech Republic and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). It is actively involved in the activities of the Working group for the gene pools, which secures conservation of the critically endangered domestic flora in ex situ collections of the botanical gardens.

Activities of the Collection:

Rescue and cultivation of endangered plants
– keeping the endangered species in the culture and their repatriation to an alternative habitat
– collaboration with nature conservation agencies
– more information here

Preservation of the plant collections
– preservation and development of the gene pool of aquatic and wetland plants from the Czech Republic
– collaboration with botanical gardens in exchange of plants and seeds
– more information here

– providing plants for a research in various research institutes
– observing the requirements of the grown species
– more information here

Education of students, environmental education of children and adults
– guided tours and visits for public (more here)
– guided field trips for schools and public (more here)
entertaining and educational events
– practical trainings for secondary-school students and university students (more here)
– cooperation with the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice with the instruction of the gardening courses
– for teachers we help to organise a seminar on “Wetland Plants“, here are photos from year 2022
– for growers and gardeners a course on “Growing of Aquatic and Wetland Plants” is being prepared

Representation of the Collection and the Institute of Botany
The Union of Botanical Gardens of the Czech Republic
Working group for the gene pools
– workshops and conferences focused on growing and conservation of plants

Open Days
Interesting aquatic and carnivorous plants from around the world in aquariums
– A-fest in park

Annual reports