Our Department of Experimental Garden and Collection of Aquatic and Wetland Plants take part in project “IBOAT – Institute of Botany: Opportunites for career growth And talent acquisition” between 2020-2022.

Our department addresses the issue of improving the quality of work with high school students and university students in order to increase their interest in scientific careers.

Determination of species from Asteraceae family.
Work with field microscope.
Demonstration of biology of water plants.
Determination of Sphagna species.
From determination of sphagna species.
Sporocarps of Salvinia natans – demonstration for students.
Repatriation of critically endangered species with students.
Field excursion on macrophytes.
Work with a magnifying glass.
Work in rescue cultivations.
Field trip.
Hunt for macrophytes.
Hunt for macrophytes.
Visiting willow car.