This page provides a full access to individual species included into the database CLOPLA1. Modes of clonal growth of central European flora are encoded and a short explanation is also given. The species are arranged alphabetically and frequent synonyms are also included. Large buttons were used for clonal plants, small ones for non-clonal plants. The modes are ordered according to their frequency/importance.


Comments, corrections and suggestions will be incorporedare in the update version of the database. You can use e-mail to send them to me.


You can use the information from the database freely. If utilised for publications you may refer to the following paper:

Klimeš L., Klimešová J., Hendriks R. & van Groenendael J. 1997. Clonal plant architectures: a comparative analysis of form and function. In: H. de Kroon & J. van Groenendael (Eds.): The ecology and evolution of clonal plants. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, the Netherlands, 453 pp., pp. 1-29.

where more information about the database is available.


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