About our project

This project has been made possible thanks to finacial support by grant GAAV IAA600050802 "Upward migration of sub-nival plants in E Ladakh: the role of plant traits and interactions under climate warming", main investigator Jiří Doležal.

Main issues of the project are:

Upward migration of sub-nival plants

Nutrient status of sub-nival plants

Habitat and dispersal limitation of upward migration of vascular plants

Morphological and ecophysiological consequences of biotic interactions among sub-nival plants along gradients of elevation and water availability: a removal experiment

Our activities also include:

Data collection for a database of plant traits

Study on a cushion plant Thylacospermum caespitosum and its role in subnival communities

Analysis of biomass allocation and nutrient economy in plants along altitudinal gradient

Spatial and dendrochronological analyses of Myricaria elegans stands

Research on diurnal changes of non-structural carbohydrates in plants along altitudinal gradient

Study on soil microbial communities and their influence on vascular plants

Study on Rumex angulatus

Detailed climate monitoring with temperature and humidity dataloggers

Starting participation in GLORIA project

Study on soil microfauna (Rotifera)